Child Care Center at Olivia's House

The child care center at Olivia’s House has been developed to address the specific needs of substance-exposed children. It provides an environment that is predictable, stable, secure, and nurturing for these children. They also have care givers who have been specifically trained to address their needs. The child center functions to alleviate a barrier to treatment for mothers with substance abuse problems. It also intervenes on impairments the child is likely to have suffered as a result of having been biologically or environmentally exposed to chemical abuse.

The child care center will use the Early Recognition Intervention Network (ERIN) program material. Erin has been clinically validated for use with children ages 0-8, and covers the early childhood and primary curriculum, from self-help to readiness and academic skills. ERIN is cognitively oriented and developmentally based, as well as, diagnostically-prescriptive in nature. ERIN has been shown to accelerate the growth of all children, but particularly those with special learning needs.

Children are assessed and taught skills in the areas of language, communication, play, motor, social skills, attachment, learning, coping skills, organizational skills, and sensory integration. Teachers will be able to identify developmental delays, and appropriate interventions will be implemented.

The Center has a collection of multicultural books and dolls for use with and by the children. In consultation with the child development specialist, The Children’s Small Press Collection of books has been selected which encourages reading, promotes self sufficiency and positive self-esteem, releases creativity, and expands cross cultural understanding.

Each month a guest will be invited to the center to read to the children. These guests may include public officials, grandparents and other significant others, as well as the mothers, as part of their parenting curriculum plan. In addition, monthly field trips to the local libraries and Children’s Theater will provide the children with an opportunity to expand their verbal and social skills. Trips to the Festival of Arts will promote cultural awareness in the children.

Open from 7:30 am until 5:00 pm, the child care center will provide an array of creative learning and developmentally enhancing activities for the children. However, care will be provided to insure an abundance of individual attention. Parental involvement will be an integral part of the program. The center and its staff will meet all licensure requirements of the State of Alabama.