Activity Services at Olivia's House

Activity services are provided at Olivia’s House to meet the physical, social, cultural, and recreational needs of participants in the program. Music, dance, and art will be utilized extensively in the program as forms of creative expression withtherapeutic benefits.

Activities which provide for ethnic/cultural enrichment are provided to help clients recognize the uniqueness, richness, and beauty which exist within a given cultural group. These activities also help members of these groups develop a greater awareness and pride in their own heritage. Cross cultural sharing is promoted by focusing on the holidays, celebrations, customs, and notable historical or otherwise famous people who are special to cultural groups with the treatment community.

The program will also provide clients with opportunities to engage in constructive physical activities. The goal is to help clients improve their general physical condition and self-image, and become more aware of and responsible for their bodily health.

In addition, activities are provided to assist clients in developing or regaining leisure time interests. Activities will be planned for the women, as well as activities for the women and their children.

Birthdays are celebrated with a party honoring all the women and children who have birthdays in a particular month complete with ice cream, cake, and party favors. Family members not living on site are encouraged to attend. Both traditional and ethnic holidays will be celebrated at Olivia’s House.

Celebrations will occur frequently at Olivia’s House including National Ice Cream Day, Women’s Equality Day, Middle Children’s Day, Make up Your Own Holiday Day, National Hugging Day, Pooh Day and more. Special activities, relative to the theme, will take place during these fun holidays.