Get help now! Call (205) 923-6552

To once more experience the unending flow of life’s joys and sorrows. To be a part of the world’s incredible beauty. To give and receive love. This is the joyful promise of recovery.

Olivia's House

Olivia's House was the first residency program for women and children in the state of Alabama. Call (205) 833 8708 or (205) 836 5603.

Pearson Hall

Pearson Hall is a short-term crisis stabilization treatment and indigent detoxification program, serving male and female patients. Call (205) 923 6552.

The Zukoski Center

The Zukoski Center is a substance abuse outpatient treatment program. Call (205) 785 5787.

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Centers (ADATC) operates three facilities that allow people to overcome substance abuse and enjoy life again. Pearson Hall, Olivia's House, and the Zukoski Center provide services operated by ADATC, which is certified by the Alabama Department of Mental Health-Mental Retardation.

Like any other disease, alcoholism or drug addiction requires professional treatment. It is a primary, progressive, and fatal disease. Without treatment it will get worse.

However, with professional treatment and abstinence, there is a one hundred percent chance of recovery.

What happens when people recover? They get healthier and learn to feel good about themselves. Relationships with family and friends improve. They can laugh and feel joy. All in all, life gets better—a whole lot better.

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